Offensive Image & Video Recognition

IAViS identifies ‘toxic’ visual content within specific threat categories, such as pornography and graphic violence.

Available on device, on premise and in the cloud, Image Analyzer offers flexible deployment options to meet each customer’s specific requirements.


Focused Threat Detection

Image Analyzer is focused on detecting visual threats, not everyday objects. This enables us to provide the most accurate solution available for identifying visual threats which you can then eradicate.

We use advanced artificial intelligence that delivers unparalleled accuracy with near zero false positives, all in a matter of milliseconds.

Built for Business

Our partners include software vendors in Cloud Application Security, Content Moderation, Parental Controls, Digital Forensics, Mobile Applications, Email and Web Filtering sectors.

Capable of scaling to billions of images per day IAViS can handle your workload.


Fast Results

Using our simple REST API we can have you up and running in minutes. As soon as you start passing data to our high performance service we will return the results in real time for your chosen ‘threat categories’.