Image & Video Content Moderation Software

Automated computer vision AI that detects visual threats including pornography, extremism and graphic violence. Empower your application with AI content moderation that recognises threats in images, videos and streaming media.

Drugs: 100%

Currency: 99.53%

Alcohol: 0.02%


Why Image Analyzer

Our OEM go to market business model allows us to focus on the needs of software vendors and service providers, with easy to integrate technology, dedicated technical support and flexible licensing options.

Image Analyzer Interface
Image Analyzer Interface

About Us

Image Analyzer is a UK based artificial intelligence company that specializes in visual threat recognition. Image Analyzer’s technology is designed to recognize visual threats such as adult material, extremism and graphic violence. The company provides its technology through an OEM channel to leading platform owners and software vendors, as an integral component of their technology offering. Market sectors include email filtering, web filtering, digital forensics, content moderation, brand protection and parental controls. Image Analyzer holds a number of cross territory patents in its technology space.

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