Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Most websites that host User Generated Content (UGC) have strict terms of use that prohibit the upload of offensive images and videos, such as pornographic material or graphic violence. However not all users adhere to those terms, so to protect the brand and user experience it is important to moderate the content that is uploaded to the site to ensure it is acceptable.

This task is typically undertaken by a team of human moderators, who manually review each piece of content uploaded or reported by the user community.

The problem is that human moderators can easily get swamped by the large volume of content and the backlog quickly becomes unmanageable. This inevitably leads to a drop in the quality of moderation as the human moderators struggle to keep up. Humans just can’t physically review everything. One could throw more humans at the problem, but humans are expensive and as the site becomes more popular the volume of UGC is only going to increase.

The solution is to make the existing human moderators more efficient, by providing them with support from Image Analyzer’s AI powered image and video recognition.

The goal of Image Analyzer is not to replace your human moderation team, but to make them more effective by using them to only review high risk content. Image Analyzer does this by analysing image and video uploads with advanced AI computer vision technology, that is trained to identify specific visual threats. Each piece of content is given a risk probability score, this score can then be used by the human moderation team to filter out the majority of low risk items. Left with only high-risk material they can quickly identify and remove anything that is inappropriate.

Image Analyzer allows software vendors to integrate AI powered visual threat intelligence into their content moderation solution. As an embedded feature or add-on module, the company helps provide a competitive differentiator while adding incremental revenue from the existing customer base.


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Reduces costs and increases the scalability of the human moderation team
  • Improves human moderation team productivity
  • Reduces moderation queue by 90% or more
  • Human moderators review images based on risk
  • Reduces time from post to review
  • Allows automation based on the risk probability score