Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

The task of identifying illicit images and videos in either a criminal or civil investigation can be a very time-consuming process and is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. A single case can contain thousands or millions of images and videos, most of which are not relevant to the investigation. Even when reviewing images in a convenient thumbnail gallery a human can only moderate a few thousand images per hour. For this reason, cases requiring image review are very time consuming and are often put on the back burner, creating a backlog of cases which further compounds the issue.

Image Analyzer, in conjunction with law enforcement, has built a Child Abuse (CSAM) category capable of detecting previously unseen illegal image and video material, which maybe unknown to law enforcement. This allows investigators to quickly identify recently generated material and potential new victims.

Image Analyzer enables investigators to deploy computer vision AI to sort images based on risk, significantly reducing the time to discover critical evidence.

Image Analyzer allows software vendors to integrate AI powered visual threat intelligence into their forensic solution. As an embedded feature or add-on module, the company helps provide a competitive differentiator while adding incremental revenue from the existing customer base.


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • Specialized forensic categories available – CSAM, Identification, Currency & Documents
  • Supports image and video file types
  • Speeds up CSAM investigations by reducing image review
  • Reduce backlog of cases
  • Investigate Computer Misuse
  • Verify Employee Misconduct
  • Perform Internal Audits
  • Embedded SDK available – no content sent to the cloud assuring data and evidence integrity