Web Filtering

Web Filtering

Digital pornography and offensive visual content is no longer confined to specialist websites. It can be streamed from a video sharing site, shared on social media and found by image search. Whether it is contributing to a hostile working environment or changing the psychology of a minor; pornography and offensive has negative repercussions in both the home and the workplace.

Traditional filtering techniques are often based on analysing the metadata associated with the imagery, such as keywords or domain blacklists, rather than the imagery itself. However, this technique is becoming less effective as often there is little or no metadata to analyse.

Image Analyzer allows software vendors to integrate AI powered visual threat intelligence into their web filtering solution. As an embedded feature or add-on module, the company helps provide a competitive differentiator while adding incremental revenue from the existing customer base.


  • Advanced AI delivers high detection and near zero false positives
  • High performance low latency image scanning
  • Inline web filtering – scanning of images displayed in browser for sexually explicit content
  • Streaming video filter – scanning streaming videos for sexually explicit content
  • Helps block inappropriate content on legitimate sites – social media, image search & video sharing.